Thurman Brings Up Type Of Gloves Pacquiao Uses Ahead Of Spence Bout

Punching power is an important element of professional boxing.

Not just offensively, but even defensively for counter punchers, it can keep the other guy off when boxing on the outside.

Or moving from the outside to the inside in the pocket.

In the upcoming Errol Spence vs Manny Pacquiao super fight this summer it will be be an important factor no doubt about it.

One man who knows all about the Pacquiao speed and power is former opponent and champion Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman.

Speaking to Fight Hype Thurman said:

“Damn you know what, Pacquiao wore those old school Mexican Reyes (gloves). Back when he was knocking everybody out he always wore those Reyes gloves. I was like, what would it have felt like for Pacquiao if I had wore those Reyes gloves. So that thought came across my mind. So, Pacquiao, he does hit hard. He hits fast. But as a welterweight it was not the hardest punch I ever felt.”

Pacquiao likely will need to get Spence’s attention with his speed and power early on if he doesn’t want to allow Spence to impose himself on the bout with his size and walk him down.


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