Watch: Brawl and Mayhem Breaks Loose In Bolivian Boxing Ring

If there is any pattern or predictability in boxing, or in life, for that matter, which there is not, is that chaos and boxing often go hand and hand.

Look, sure, it’s the sweet science but at the highest level professional boxing and showbusiness, the entertainment and mass media aspect of sport, have always been linked.

Whether that be the continually declining Hollywood industry, declining trust by the masses in any information on social media on non relevant accounts, or from traditional media at large, or other aspects of show business, boxing and entertainment still have always gone together.

But, there are times when entertainment crosses the line and this right here in Bolivia certainly did that at the weekend:

(Hat tip Tim Boxeo Twitter)

No good. Crazy stuff.

From an amateur boxing standpoint, the world’s eyes will also be on the sport later this week.

With the start of the Olympics in Japan.

Last time out a lot of controversy also existed in the amateur side of the sport.

People will be watching closely all over the world this week in Japan.

Let’s hope no one screws up like last time in Rio.

All in all, professional boxing and amateur boxing do genuinely seem to be trying to improve in all departments to be fair.

That’s all anyone can ask for at the end of the day.

No thing or no one is perfect and improvement but if the sport keeps striving for perfection, at least some level of excellence might be reached in the years ahead.


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