You know, boxing is in an odd kind of space and continuum at the moment.

In that, celebrity boxing will die out.

Make no mistake about that.

Exhibitions between former boxers and celebrities are nothing new.

But, the separate microcosm within that, of former boxers returning to the ring to do battle with one another, could continue for some time.

Inspired largely by Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones last year.

Now, sensationally, it is being reported that Carl Froch and Roy Jones Jr. could be about to get into a boxing ring with one another this year.

Nothing confirmed yet but that, in of itself, shows that anything is possible in boxing these days.

We are at peak goof and wackiness in boxing at the moment.

Where it goes nobody knows after this.

Where it ends, God only knows.

As for the two above, if this is confirmed, expect it just to be an exhibition.

One can’t begrudge legends of the ring coming back for an exhibition, mind.

This is at least a bit better than starbucks boxing.

At least Froch and Jones are former legends of the boxing ring.

There’s room for everyone of course.

Each to their own.

At the end of the day though, at its core, boxing is about the best fighting the best.


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19 Years On Lennox Lewis Clears Up Issue On His Fight With Mike Tyson

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