Fighter Called The New Mike Tyson Makes Good Point After Mayweather Paul

Fighter called the New Mike Tyson makes good point on Mayweather Paul

The combat sports world came alive in different ways at the weekend.

Following the whole Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul boxing exhibition.

Boxers and MMA fighters interested in crossing over into boxing now, as a consequence, and before that in truth, have all been having their say.

UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou has spoken before how he wants to go to professional boxing one day.

His background originally was boxing.

After the weekend’s Mayweather Paul boxing exhibition, when he saw the money that was being made, he mentioned afterwards where was he and other fighters going wrong.

You can’t knock the hustle and ability to generate money from the weekend’s exhibition just gone but it brings into the fold a number of topics to consider.

Can fighters better promote themselves to create platforms for themselves like the two participants at the weekend did?

Sure they can. The weekend just gone proof of that.

Boxing promoters are not as important as they once were and the weekend’s exhibition showed it once again.

Two guys who built their own brands and platforms. Two guys who were their own bosses.

But also, it perhaps puts the emphasis on some boxing promoters to promote their fighters a little better and pay them a bit more too.

It is a back and forth type situation where you can look at it from different angles.

Look at the biggest star in women’s boxing Claressa Shields.

She’s gone from boxing now as the money isn’t there for her, which will hurt women’s boxing for a while, as she was the biggest name in America for women’s boxing and did the most numbers.

She’s gone to MMA temporarily for better opportunities.

This all comes down to the individual.

This weekend showed more than anything that fighters need to be their own promoters more than ever.

They have the ability and tools at their disposal.

If they have good people around them, the rest is up to them now.


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