Carl Froch Makes Slightly Bizarre Point On Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Carl Froch Makes Slightly Bizarre Point On Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Former world champion Carl Froch knows plenty about big fights and events.

Certainly in our opinion, one of the very best fighters England ever produced.

A career of highs and lows but mostly highs towards the end.

Indeed, it wasn’t until the very end that he made it big and had some huge wins down the stretch in his professional tenure.

Now a pundit and commentator, Froch is never shy to give his opinion on latest boxing happenings.

This weekend Floyd Mayweather takes on an individual by the name of Logan Paul in a boxing exhibition.

It takes place in Miami, Florida.

Speaking to Sky Sports Froch said of the fight:

What if Mayweather ruins his legacy by losing to a YouTuber? I don’t want to say he’s got a chance. But, he has got a chance. He looks like he can shape up quite well.”

Respectfully, what are you on about Froch? That’s crazy stuff man.

Maybe the above is a joke? Froch has an odd sense of humor so it’s hard to know to be fair.

Mayweather is going to batter this guy easily. Very quickly.

It is shocking to see so many young fans also, new to boxing, thinking this Paul has a chance to beat Mayweather.

No chance.

It is an exhibition but not a hope Mayweather will put himself in harms way here.

No way. He won’t take that risk at this stage of the game.

That said, the sheer entertainment and novelty of it is going to intrigue the boxing world this week.

To be fair, not really sure what to be expect from this Mayweather fight this weekend.

A whole bunch of people will be tuning in to watch though.

That much is certain.


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