Women’s Boxing Star Surprises Boy With Rare Illness

Women's Boxing Star Surprises Boy With Rare Illness

World female boxing champion Katie Taylor of Ireland is undefeated as a professional boxer.

An Olympic Gold winner as an amateur.

Taylor’s relentless pursuit of success over the years broke down barriers for her and others in women’s boxing.

She has now paid tribute to another champion.

A young boy outside the ring by the name of Adam King.

Adam King and his family of Co. Cork Ireland recently received a personal letter from President Joe Biden thanking him for giving him strength by hearing of his story.

Adam was was born with osteogenesis imperfecta type 3 that causes brittle bones.

Taylor gave Adam a surprise on Friday night on Irish TV:

Very good. Two champions right there.

Taylor currently has a professional boxing record of 18-0-6 KO.

Taylor is undisputed lightweight women’s world boxing champion at this time.


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