Experienced veteran and former world champion Jorge Linares was obviously disappointed with the loss tonight to world champion Devin Haney.

The main thing of note in his post fight reaction to the defeat was that he said he doesn’t think Haney punches hard at all.

This will be some advice no doubt to Haney’s rivals in and around his division.

It will be up to Haney to work on technical improvements to improve his punching form and technique as a professional when stepping in there with some of the big names ahead.

There were some boos tonight in his hometown of Las Vegas which is never a good sign either in terms of a professional fighter’s excitement for fans.

Professional boxing is about hitting and not getting hit, and being exciting.

To sell tickets, TV ratings and sponsorship.

A very talented fighter Haney with a good attidude but it could prove problematic for getting him big fights.

Likely his handlers will have to over pay for them.

Devin Haney vs Jorge Linares Full Fight Video Highlights

Watch: Devin Haney Vs Jorge Linares Full Fight Video Highlights

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