Tyson Fury makes bold prediction for Deontay Wilder 3rd fight

Tyson Fury makes bold prediction for Deontay Wilder 3rd fight

With Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 set for this summer in Las Vegas — attention has now turned to what to expect.

Oftentimes, there is not a whole lot to take or learn from as regards past fights.

Battles are won and lost. This is a war. Over three fights and numerous years. Conducted through world calamity.

Sure, take a look and a quick mental download of the past two, but nothing more.

Both Fury and Wilder will be different versions of themselves and on the night, particularly in heavyweight boxing, anything can happen.

Just one punch is all it takes.

Like life, you could be here today, gone tomorrow.

That’s heavyweight boxing for you.

Fury has spoken at the weekend that he is looking to take Wilder out quick in the first round.

A risky strategy if genuine, he knows he’ll have to be prepared for an almighty gun fight with Wilder if that’s the case.

Particularly with how quietly motivated Wilder is. It’s the quiet fellas you have to look out for. Wilder has gone quiet which is a great sign of preparation.

The above type of dog fight could suit Wilder.

Then again, what a shoot out that would be for boxing fans.

If both took center of the ring and starting trading big bombs right from the get go, imagine it, brilliant.

Fury is a fighting man and a clever boxer and one would expect there to be a few different press quotes on what he, and Wilder, plan to do come fight night in the weeks ahead.


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