Scotland’s Josh Taylor made boxing history this weekend in Las Vegas and cemented his legacy in the sport already.

Becoming an undisputed super-lightweight champion in the modern four belt era in just eighteen professional bouts will live long into boxing history, in terms of the speed he achieved it in so quickly.

He earned it.

He did it the hard way and battled former champion Jose Ramirez with everything he had.

Knocking Ramirez down along the way in what proved a throwback championship fight.

Undefeated contender Mick Conlan from Ireland made a good point in where he sits now in the mythical pound for pound list:

Surely in the top ten at the least for most people in next week’s new rankings.

A great win for sure.

And a great fight. An outstanding fight in fact.

Good sportsmanship shown also by both boxers after wards.

What boxing is all about.

In case you missed the fight you can check out the Josh Taylor vs Jose Ramirez fight video highlights here:

(Hat tip Top Rank Boxing YouTube)

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