What the Texans have done for boxing over the last year has been commendable.

What a great bunch the Texans.

The State of Nevada, and specifically Las Vegas, traditionally has always being the fight capital of the world.

Texas is hammering Vegas into the ground this past year for big fights. It’s all about the big fights.

What Texas achieved for the recent Alvarez vs Saunders fight was one of the great world stories not just for sport, but for humanity.

It showed sport and the world is now open for business again so word to the wise to various individuals, hurry up and get a move on. Sick, tired and fed up of all this waiting around. Great fight this weekend though. Taylor vs Ramirez. Respectfully, this is America damn it, not some damn small irrelevant country. Are you stupid or something. What is going on. Please, kindly get it together.

As for New York.

Nah, that’s it for them. They’re gone too. At least for some time in terms of big fights ever going back there. Maybe in a few years.

California mostly finished now too. Except LA of course.

Florida doing good too for boxing and many other States across the country, but would like to see more of an effort from New Jersey, Alabama, Washington and Atlanta also.

So much growth potential there in every town, city and State across the country nationwide at the moment as the sport continues to get bigger. Come on. Got to keep this thing pushing and moving.

Boxing is the leading sport in the world at the moment in terms of what it specifically achieved during the whole world situation the last couple of years.

It can’t lose this momentum.

More hard work and dedication is the answer.

Plenty to look forward too if boxing continues its momentum.

Started by the likes of Texas.

They got the sport out of some of the rubble it was in due to the world situation.

Viva Texas.


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