Today is the 65th birthday to boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard.

Happy birthday Leonard.

What a career. What an inspirational fighter he was.

Still, one of boxing’s all time best.

A great ambassador for the sport outside the ring.

In the ring, combinations, speed, heart, guts and determination.

Leonard unlike some unlucky boxers, kept his faculties intact before retiring from the ring.

A new business project by former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson regarding brain trauma has now won the support of Leonard’s son:

Best of luck with the business venture to Tyson.

Hopefully it helps people and makes a lot of money. Business is about money at the end of the day. Money is very, very important in life. No matter what anyone says.

Money makes the world go around but if one can be kind, charitable where possible and help out by giving back, where possible, this is always good. Pity there’s not more in the world of it. No good. If not given back to after doing that however, it is clear some are just after what they want. No good. That will be the last time any bloody kindness or mercy shown again for quite some time. One should never take people’s kindness for weakness. That is always a mistake life will show you. Many want free bloody handouts these days. Less and less people willing to work hard. Fook that socialism crap. That’s not how it goes. Respectfully, we’ll be focusing on American boxing first and foremost from here on now. USA all day. Our readers are around the world now (we are very grateful and thankful to you all).

That said, more and more American boxing action continues to take precedence at this time. We have to follow the work which is in America at the end of the day, per editorial policy. Boxing in America continues to grow. We must stay focused on work. No more distractions.


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You must look after yourself and your family first to get established to start you and your own family’s life first for a few years at the end of the day. Before you can then give back when appropriate down the road to the people who stick with you. Not those who just want free publicity or advertising for nothing. That’s it for them. Let’s see what the financial offers are down the road if have anything to do with some people or places again. What goes around comes around as last few days have shown. Sick of all this waiting around now at this stage. Fook this, logging off and trying to go fishing, we’ll be back at some point. Good fight coming up at the weekend.

No matter what anyone’s going through, just remember, God in control at all times. No matter what.

As for the above, hopefully the above venture helps boxers both past and present.

We wish Tyson the best with this.

Happy birthday again to Ray Leonard.

Here’s a stroll down memory lane of an excellent career:


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