Former head of Russian Boxing and now head of world amateur boxing, boxing boss Umar Kremlev of Russia, revealed something that not many boxing fans might know.


Irish American boxing legend would have been a handful for anyone today

Irish American Boxing Legend Would Have Been A Handful For Anyone Today

When one thinks of who was the oldest heavyweight champion of all-time, many boxing fans of course will know that was George Foreman.

Following his legendary win over Michael Moorer:

But, who was the oldest professional boxer to ever gain a license to step in the ring?

Well, here it is:

Very good Umar. That’s the right answer.

You learn something new everyday, eh. No matter age. Even if you’re bloody 100. Everyday is a school day when it comes to boxing trivia and boxing general knowledge.

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Amateur boxing boss Kremelev made a great point also furthermore below, particularly in light of the current world situation and conflict between some countries at this time.

All nations should be friendly and respectful with one another and leave the fighting to the boxers in the ring — at the end of the day:

Correct again Umar. To be fair. Russia has had some very good fighters and champions down through the years also.

Most importantly, on what he says above though, without peace in the world, we have nothing, do we. Come on. It makes sense.

Even when it comes to some smaller countries getting their heads thumped and their heads kicked in at this time with cyber attacks. What goes around comes around. They’re on their own for now will need to look after and protect themselves. God loves some of those dummies too of course, look, God loves every single person on this planet. Regardless of bleeding country. No one is better than anyone at the end of the day. Simple as that. We are all on the same humanity boat and God supersedes us all.

Peace is the only answer to anything on this planet, surely.

As for Tramane Towns, the above was to be Towns’ last fight in a professional boxing ring.

His final professional boxing record read 11-7-4 (6 KO).


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