The Boxing World Meets The Technology World In 2021

Trends are fickle.

Like anything they come and go out of use as time goes on.

That much is a given.

Recently a lot of these new NFT things seem to have even reached the boxing world.

For various high profile fighters and boxing events.

Particularly the recent Alvarez vs Saunders NFT.

While not to criticize any of them, each to their own. You can’t go on the opinion of others. Pay no attention.

You have to use discernment to make your own decision at the end of the day.

Opinions change here and there. Like the weather.

You only have to look at that Elon Musk individual’s comments today regarding Bitcoin.

Highly contradictory. Very clever but easy to see through. Don’t mind him. He’s just playing an odd little game. Nothing more. Not to be taken too much serious note of. He didn’t sell of any of it at the end of the day, did he. Or his organization.


Okay then.


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They are heavily invested in it for a reason. Just some teething issues. Allegedly, it is possible what he is doing is a never before seen way of market manipulation. Or he just has an odd sense of humor and is having some sort of strange fun on his social media platforms. That’s okay. That’s cool, but just don’t take it too seriously. It could be a while before the necessary US regulation on social media comes in to combat such plausible, alleged concepts.

Once the aforementioned product makes slight changes, it will be back to normal on a high growth trajectory. At the end of the day, bitcoin, blockchain and crypto currency are here to stay as they benefit the masses.

Regular people.

Markets dictate. Not celebrities. Ultimately, God in control of everything, including markets. If something benefits humanity, then that is only a good thing.

As the leading type of its kind in that space, Bitcoin will be just fine.

That individual doesn’t know everything. No one does. No matter age.

Fine to take some small notes or inspiration from some people here and there of course, who you may sense offer slight value.

Nothing more than that though. More important bloody things going on in the world and in boxing.

The fact of the matter is digital currencies, blockchain and crypto are here to stay for the years to come.

Bitcoin will be just fine over the coming years.

Just like all of these things will.

Volatile trends in the world that simply go up and down. Nothing to worry about.

It is interesting that boxers and fight events have now even met this world recently.

Never take anyone’s opinion seriously just because they are revered in business, sport, podcasts or what have you.

Make your own discernment and decisions. Wisdom and understanding is required ultimately.

As for these NFT things in boxing, time will tell.

Alvarez vs Saunders recently suggests more will follow suit soon.

One would probably expect a lot more of them in the years ahead.


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