Manny Pacquiao is currently in the final phase of what has been an enjoyable boxing career over the years.

His fight style in the ring quite unique.

Between his speed of hands and feet, movement, angles, combinations, heart and stamina, Pacquiao has given fans a lot over the years.

Often times boxing legends might look for an easy pay day at the end of their careers.

Not Pacquiao, though.

Recently he was linked with a Terence Crawford fight which fell apart.

Then a young lion in Ryan Garcia at one point.

Now he’s been linked with Mikey Garcia.

A formidable foe if that’s who it is to be.

Over the coming weeks one would expect news on Pacquiao’s next fight but he’s certainly not looking for an easy fight.

Like he started his boxing career — he’s finishing it the same way — never taking the easy road or the path of least resistance.

That’s not how he rolls, clearly.

Despite his advanced years.

Still looking to fight the best.

Even after all these years.


One Of Boxing's Most Exciting Fighters Shows Blinding Hand Speed

One Of Boxing’s Most Exciting Fighters Shows Blinding Hand Speed