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Philadelphia’s Gabriel Rosado has been in a few wars in his time.

He knows more than most boxers about sustaining bad cuts and injuries in the ring.

A real blood and guts merchant at times in his career.

The 35-year-old last fought in a split decision loss to Danny Jacobs in 2020.

Speaking on the Canelo vs Saunders fight his analysis has gone down well in various spaces:

That’s the thing.

Canelo seemed to be very methodical about what he was doing in there as the round by rounds went by.

Not rushing, just being patient. His defense was superb.

Gradually building things up bit by but as time went on.

A sign of maturity for him now coming into his prime as a fighter. Much more to come in the next three to five years one suspects.

Calculated. Smart moves.

With that being said, still putting into the work gradually as the rounds went by and let the fight take its natural course.

He didn’t go looking overly for the knockout or want it too much.

If that makes sense.

The next three to five years of Alvarez could be quite special to watch indeed.


Blonde Bombshell Explains Tweet On Canelo vs Saunders

Blonde Bombshell Explains Tweet On Canelo Vs Saunders

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