George Foreman Finally Reveals What Ali Told Him Before Holyfield Fight

Ali's legendary phrase before Liston fight

The heavyweight landscape is currently in a state of limbo.

An expected unification of all the belts is set to take place soon.

Back in the days of George Foreman and Muhammad Ali this typically didn’t take as long.

The best fought the best far more consistently.

Credit to Canelo Alvarez in this regard at the weekend.

His activity has been correct — of any top level fighter in the last year or two certainly.

Some of the inactivity of boxers recently has been unnaceptable.

Even before the world situation started in late 2019 in China.

Inactivity of world champions has not helped the sport at all.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman knows all about big fights himself from back in the day.

Speaking for the first time on a legendary moment between he and old rival Muhammad Ali before Foreman’s fight with another boxing legend, Evander Holyfield, Foreman has now revealed what was said moments before the bout:

Here is the fight itself:


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