Canelo’s Trainer Had An Emotional Response After Beating Saunders

Canelo's Trainer Had An Emotional Response After Beating Saunders

One of the best trainers in world boxing coach Reynoso had another big win this weekend for his star pupil Canelo Alvarez.

Delivered in front of a supportive Mexican crowd in Texas.

An awesome display and another big win — for the winning formula team.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

No need to change nothing amigos.

Just bring out the best of what already the good stuff is and work on the weaknesses. More of an emphasis on the former than the latter for best results though. All day.

After the fight, he said the following of his charges’ win against Saunders (Spanish to English translation):

"One more step! An honor and thankful to be Mexican, today it was demonstrated that when it comes to supporting we put the batteries! More than 70,000 people gathered just to support the Mexican athlete!
Thanks for your support friends! We will continue working hard to have many nights like this!"

Indeed, another step on the way towards a big legacy in boxing that the two continue to build every day.

Once again, Viva Mexico!