This Cinco De Mayo week once again has belonged to the best boxer of his particular era, Floyd Mayweather.

For different reasons this time.

Unexpectedly, it should be noted.

He’s retired now.

First of all.

Fighting just in boxing exhibitions.


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Tyson Fury Not Happy With Fighter Called The New Mike Tyson

His opponent, a young man’s brother by all accounts copped a couple of pulled punches from Mayweather.

After taking Mayweather’s hat.

From footage, it looked like Mayweather held back. Popped him a couple of quick digs.

If a man takes another man’s baseball cap or puts his hands on another man, self-defense can of course be applied appropriately and legally.

Mayweather was within his right to recover his hat and defend himself.

What goes around comes around.

As for those mentioning Mayweather was rattled. Didn’t really see that to be fair.

He was seen laughing his head off a short time after. It’s just business.

Sure he was genuinely angry for a minute or two. But then was seen laughing a lot afterwards.

Mayweather looks set to cash in on two huge pay days against these two particular brothers this year.

Fair play to him. Fair play to these two young individuals doing well for themselves as well. For as long as this little run lasts.

It’s not boxing obviously. We know this. That’s a given.

More importantly, there will be some legitimate action on the undercard for young pro fighters by all accounts.

Always a positive thing.


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That said, these two young men probably got a rude awakening yesterday. In terms of what is in store.

Mayweather was in no mood to take disrespect and rightly cracked the kid a couple of small punches in self-defense.

Fair play to these two young men getting pay days but when all is said and done, it will have taken a boxing legend to get rid of them from boxing.

To end this temporary fad and trend in boxing, moreover.

We said it before and we’ll say it again. It won’t last. Guaranteed.

Expect a couple of knockouts. Quickly. Mayweather likely to get around two hundred million or so for knocking out both brothers.

Genius business to be fair.

When you really think about the ease of the work Mayweather will need to do for that amount of money.

No need to train. Just turn up at a few press conferences. Turn up fight night. Throw a few punches and knock out both brothers.

Easy two hundred million dollars or so.

It’s quite remarkable actually when you boil it down like that.

Both events will also allow real young professional boxers to have exposure for their budding careers.

While at the same time ending a temporary trend in boxing.

Once again, Cinco De Mayo fight week has belonged to Floyd Mayweather.

Even in retirement in 2021.


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(Photo credit: Michael Benson Twitter)

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