Inexpedient Denouement Destined For Garbage Celebrity Boxing

Once again, we’ve been here before.

Yet again.

With respect, this thing is so predictable at this stage it is boring.

Numerous headlines pertaining to an upcoming bout featuring Floyd Mayweather and a highly noted internet celebrity has taken over the boxing world all week.

Not totally unexpected but, if you really break it down, you can almost see where this train wreck is now going.

A futile, unavailing, worthless temporary internet celebrity boxing infatuation for some, will not step through permanently into the world of professional boxing.

Not a chance.

It is now very clear what Floyd Mayweather intends to do.

And, what these two young brothers are looking for.

Pay days.

Nothing wrong with that.

But, Mayweather looks like he is just going to knock both guys out back to back.

The whole thing will be over then.

It is as simple as that.

That will be the end then of this short-term, mind numbing, intelligence reducing, frankly depressing, unwise preoccupation and novelty nonsense in boxing.

Once again, it is just entertainment.

It is not professional boxing.


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