Mayweather Responds To Opponent Wife Accusation

Floyd Mayweather and his next opponent met face to face.

Internet sensation Logan Paul met Mayweather at their first press conference and between him and his brother Jake Paul, things got heated.

Verbal jabs were exchanged between the two.

As well as a brawl that ensued between Mayweather and his brother Jake Paul.

When on stage Paul made an accusation to Mayweather to which he responded with:

(Hat tip Mac Life YouTube)

Expect more back and forth exchanges in the weeks ahead.

The exhibition is set for June 6th.

What the exact rules are should be interesting to see. This is just entertainment at the end of the day. At least involving a former boxing champion however.

Mayweather fought an exhibition in Japan before where he knocked the guy out quickly.

He was at least a kickboxing champion however.

This is something a bit different here.

That said, one could expect something similar or thereabouts come June 6th.

Time will tell.


Floyd Mayweather and Jake Paul Brawl and Teams Trade Blows

Watch: Floyd Mayweather And Jake Paul Brawl And Teams Trade Blows