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The continued advent of technological platforms around the world have had a twofold impact on boxing in both its ability to reach new audiences and deliver more action.

The latter has not however been in the right spirit for the sport and perhaps recent events resulting in some calamities have now pointed to this temporary trend’s demise quite soon.

Flavors of the month just come and go but the best things always last the test of time.

There has been a number of issues with a recent high profile celebrity boxer’s event which has gone down in flames in truth.

This could be the end of this brief but much talked about recent mania in boxing.

Floyd Mayweather will partake in another exibition soon but at least he was a world champion boxer.

What happened a couple of weeks ago wasn’t a professional boxing event or what boxing is about.

Of course there is always room to do better. Maybe the next one will have a bit more boxing about it.

Former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis has hit the nail on the head on the whole situation:

Time will tell how long more this run lasts but fair play to anyone who gets in the ring in the first place.

You can’t knock someone getting a payday for it either but this is not to be taking credibly as actual professional boxing.

Not until one of these guys steps in there with a professional boxer with a pulse.

Well said by Lewis above.


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Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021

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