Canelo vs Saunders Will Break A Muhammad Ali Record

Records are there to be broken.

The following one belongs to a member of humanity’s history that stands out from many however.

That of Muhammad Ali.

A boxer and man way ahead of his time.

A genius in the ring.

Outside of it too.

An individual that if he were interested in something he could have done anything he wanted to in truth.

He understood the meaning of the term impossible is nothing early on.

This was achieved through his genuine faith in God.


Mike Tyson Makes Brave Canelo vs Saunders Prediction

Mike Tyson Makes Brave Canelo Vs Saunders Prediction

This weekend’s big fight in Texas between Canelo Alvarez and Billy Joe Saunders will now eclipse a record of Ali’s.

That of for fight attendance at an indoor boxing match.

Alvarez vs Saunders is set to have nearly 70,000 fans.

A clear mark that boxing and America are both back.

A big statement after the last couple of years’ world situation.

Something Ali would have been quite content about one suspects.


Proliferation of Boxing

Proliferation Of Boxing Indicative Of The Crazy Times

He would have been happy his record was broken.

Set in the Leon Spinks rematch in 1978 in New Orleans. The attendance was 63,352.

He won that fight by unanimous decision.

It was to be his last win as a professional fighter in the ring.

Here it is:


Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021

Muhammad Ali Was Way Ahead Of His Time Looking Back From 2021

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