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As is the case usually in any fight of week of a big time boxing match, mind games and verbal altercations are in full flow.

Both fighters’ respective camps will look to make sure their man is optimal and at his very best on Saturday night.

The idea being where the athlete peaks on fight night mentally and physically.

Sometimes team members or opponents trying to take one another out of this stride could have a slight effect on their fight week mindset.

A member of the Saunders team and Canelo got into it already from a verbal warfare standpoint:

(Hat tip Fight Hub YouTube)

Standard stuff really.

Chaos and professional boxing often go hand and hand on fight week’s of this nature.

At the end of the day when the bell rings and the talking is done all of that stuff goes out the window.

It will be interesting to see what type of early round game plans both boxers.

Offense, defense, speed, power, timing, trap setting, movement and ring generalship will all be key.


Proliferation of Boxing

Proliferation Of Boxing Indicative Of The Crazy Times

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