Manny Pacquiao makes good point to old rival Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao makes good point to old rival Juan Manuel Marquez

Old boxing rivals now friends Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines and Juan Manuel Marquez of Mexico share some common career paths outside of boxing.

Marquez is coming back in an exhibition against Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico soon and has expressed interest in wanting to get into politics as part of the comeback.

While all garbage politics and temporary fads of the world of no interest to us, nor do they mix with professional sport, Pacquiao has made a good point to his old rival.

Saying on Twitter:

Well said.

Also, respectfully, that works the other way around too.

Perhaps if some of these incompetent, entitled, dim-witted enterprise civil servants who never started a business before took advice from people who achieved and did what they set out to do, the two worlds would mix better.

No wonder it takes years for some to forgive others.

Great message from the ‘PacMan’ in fairness. Humility and kindness personified.

As for his next fight, one Terence Crawford is thought to be the leading name next up.

More news to come on soon hopefully.

Tough fight if that is Pacquiao’s last bout and certainly one he won’t be expected to win.

Fair play if he takes that fight. He could easily get bust up in it.


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