Fury Sends Joshua A Message Ahead Of Expected Fight

The highly anticipated undisputed heavyweight title fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury appears to be finally nearly there.

There is no point really speculating on exactly when it will be announced but with the understanding now that things are coming to a close in talks.

By all accounts the Middle East is the front runner. Likely that is where the biggest money is for the fight.

As thing’s get closer to the business end of proceedings, Fury has been keeping it light with his banter to Joshua on a popular TV show in the UK:

(Hat tip Jonathan Ross Show YouTube)

Both are coming into the prime of their heavyweight careers so this should make for a great spectacle and match.

Professional boxers due to the improvements in sport science are capable of boxing much longer now.

Who’s to say these two won’t box a few times in the years ahead and come further into their primes in the next few years.

First thing is first, hopefully the fight news will be forthcoming shortly.


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