Jake Paul improved his professional boxing record to 3-0 (3 KO) on Saturday night.

His opponent Ben Askren was essentially caught wide open with no defense whatsoever with a right hand.

Pretty much as soon as it landed that was the end of the contest:

Here it is once again:


There you have it.

With respect to these YouTube stars crossing over to boxing, it does appear to be bringing a new fanbase.

As for the knockout above though, basically, with respect to the Askren gentleman, it appears he just turned up for a payday.

He was quite relaxed, all smiles and laughs afterwards as he left the arena.

You can’t blame him. No doubt this event generated meaningful revenue.

Big respect to anyone who steps in there. To question someone’s integrity the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. We won’t do that.

As for the winner, this Paul appears to be taking the sport seriously now.

These Paul brothers have large fanbases. If this Paul continues to train and take the sport seriously let him work. If he is moved up appropriately in competition levels fair play.

Time will tell what happens when he steps in there with a genuine boxer though.


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