When one recalls some of the most baleful boxers to ever live in terms of intimidation, aggression and viciousness factor, a younger George Foreman certainly is up there.

Sonny Liston, Mike Tyson, Edwin Valero, Jack Dempsey perhaps too.

Boxing is a sport and the noble art first and foremost.

The sweet science. A good boxer always beats a good fighter.

Some believe there is good and evil in every single human being and this bad guy vs good guy story line has always been a draw in boxing story telling.

Perhaps then the old saying of it ‘takes one to know one’ must exist in all of us on some level. As no one made anyone buy or tune into the above boxers’ fights against their sober minded choice at least.

Foreman’s younger days were the zenith of this vein for him perhaps.

In terms of trying to exact as much damage as possible in all ways to his opponents in the ring.

However the older born again Christian version and oldest heavyweight champion win against Michael Moore a very different man.

A catalyst for his positive transformation.

In his younger days it turns out he had a wide ranging taste of music before his bouts back in the seventies to keep him occupied.

He said:

Foreman would later expand his career into the now world famous grill business.

King of the grill, cheeseburger eating and unorthodox brute force knockouts in the heavyweight division.

Foreman could be a good training adviser to many young fighters in the sport today. Including heavyweights. A licit insight into fighters and the mind, with all his experience he’s built over the years.

On the violin note from him above, this hip hop Lil Wayne ‘Right Above It’ remix worth an honorable mention in today’s times:


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