Blonde Boxing Bombshell and New World Champ Show What Boxing Is All About

Women’s boxing’s profile dramatically increased the past weekend in a fight that lived up to all the hype between new World Champion Shannon Courtenay and Ebanie Bridges.

Although Bridges lost the fight, she won in other ways.

Somehow, single-handedly, she increased the profile of an entire sport through her personality, heart and superb fight ability.

Courtenay and other female boxers will have reaped the rewards overall of a very strong weekend not just for women’s boxing but boxing as a sport.

Much to discuss later today.

This from Bridges afterwards shows what boxing is all about:

When all the talk is done and fighting is over, very good sportsmanship above.

No doubt a bright future ahead for both boxers.

What a story on Bridges this past month.

Isn’t it funny.

All the doom and gloom and negativity. Don’t pay attention anymore too much to news, trends or literature, one just can’t take it seriously anymore.

Much is just distraction and noise.

You’re writing your own book.

Ebanie Bridges, the individual, as part of a team who love her very, very much, proof of that this past month in the sport of boxing.

Fair play.


Appropriate Balance Needed In Boxing Legends Returning

Appropriate Balance Needed In Boxing Legends Returning

(Photo credit: Ebanie Bridges Twitter)

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