Tommy Hearns reacts to emotional Mike Tyson Sugar Ray Robinson meet

The youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history once had a chance meet and conversation with a man considered by some as the best ever fighter.

‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson.

The debate of Robinson and Ali is a frequent one among boxing observers.

In terms of who was the best pure boxer. Indeed Tyson met Ali as a young aspiring boxer too.

But for one of the first times we at Boxing News and Views can recall at least, he’s spoken of bumping into Robinson.

How a chance meet with Ray Robinson in his younger days inspired him.

Speaking on ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson’ he said:

“I met Sugar Ray Robinson. His body guards said chill out. I said I’m not chilling out. What do you mean chill out. This is a free country. I can walk. He saw his bodyguards and me were about to have an altercation and he said stop. He came over to me and was telling me. You should always run and be in shape. I left the arena from the fight and I ran ten miles! I left the arena. I was just ****** up about fighting. You are too. All of us were (looking at Leonard, Mosley and Hearns).”

Tyson’s love of fighting and the sport clear as day.

Former World Champion Tommy ‘The Hitman’ Hearns then interjected.

Replying to Tyson:

“Sometimes it’s good to have somebody to inspire you to do certain things. There’s always going to be someone greater than you that you look up to. That influence’s you to do something better. To get to the point where you can say. I can do this now. I’m ready. I’m ready.”


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