World Champion Graciously Shows His Class In Victory Over Irishman

American World Champion Jamel Herring ended Irishman Carl Frampton’s professional career in Dubai Saturday night but showed great class and humility in victory.

It’s always good to see people not being sore losers, as after all, everyone takes plenty of losses along the journey of life and in boxing, most always take a loss at some point with a few rare exceptions.

Equally important however is being a gracious, humble, winner, who never brags.

Irishman Carl Frampton announced his retirement after stoppage defeat on Saturday but American Jamel Herring showed his Champion behavior afterwards — a lot of liars, clowns and bull artists out there — but this right here is how Champions move:

A strong representation of the sport of boxing.

Herring’s stock will have rightfully grown after this.

A very impressive win. In fairness.

Neutralizing, shutting down and nullifying two-weight world champion Frampton on the outside before closing the show in Round 6.

Fights against Oscar Valdez or Shakur Stevenson would both be very good bouts next up.


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Photos courtesy of Top Rank/D4G Promotions