Lennox Lewis On Getting Knocked Out By Hasim Rahman

Many boxing fans will recall the Lennox Lewis vs Hasim Rahman two fights during their particular heavyweight era in years gone by.

A grudge match that later saw the two men become friends in life.

Always the way, well, more often than not.

Indicative of the positives boxing can do.

When they were in the ring, however, it was all business.

Lewis suffered a shock knockout defeat by a big hand from Rahman first time round. Speaking to Revolt TV he said:

“When me and him fought (the first time), he threw an unbelievable punch which my chin happened to be in the way of. I put up my hand and I thought I was blocking it like easy but it went around here, and it got me on the chin. And the reaction was straight away, boom-boom. So I went down and you want to know how it feels. It felt slow. Everything was going in slow motion and then when I hit the ground, everything speeded up.”

Here’s the punch he’s referring to:

Here’s what happened in the rematch:

The HBO days of boxing, tremendous stuff.

Many of their old documentaries of fighters of years gone by still superb productions and stories to watch.


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