A school of thought claims that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A new trend in boxing suggests renowned old boxers of the past are starting to copy one another in their droves.

On the aforementioned idea itself, as a matter of fact, it probably is, quite true.

People will always try to copy the best but when one deals with the very best of the best, they can never be copied, or, outside of their own people, truly understood.

Michael Jordan spoke on this numerous times.

While no one is better than anyone, of course, some people just think different to the rest of society. Call them geniuses, perhaps. Loveable oddballs that exist outside of the conventional matrix, maybe. Life’s great survivors that stop at nothing, possibly.

Or, simply, those that understand their value.

Think about it.

That Elon Musk individual recently put it well.

When he mentioned how intellect and intelligence have nothing to do with society or the world’s perception of how they are acquired. Traditionally, through college and university.

Both concepts are quickly becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. The numbers don’t lie.

Indeed, the world moves too fast for these old institutions now, who, interestingly, are trying to study these trends to keep up pace, but in doing so, ironically, are just being left even more dumbfounded and left even further behind, the more that they do.

Respectfully, they are simply too far removed reality now and are not, nor ever will, be at the cutting edge. They are just observers and generalist reaction perceivers, never preemptive or proactive, not innovators or entrepreneurs. These institutions have no purpose anymore, are not adding anything new, taking no risk, winning any battles, have no niche, no focus, no clarity and therefore, they just get lost in the meaningless noise, group think distractions and ultimately failing attempts at intelligence and research. The other mentality always builds and the rest follow, while the other, just watch and are, respectfully, of not much use to the other anymore.

In that, academics and industry are perhaps further away from one another than ever before. They are now at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Ultimately, each to their own.

All these trends and false idols valueless and useless but nothing wrong with taking inspiration from some humans, at times, only after extensively testing and examining their motivations, claims and spirit, and finding that they are ethically pure and positive, not toxic or negative. As limited and flawed as all humans are.

One must surround yourself with smart people, keep your family and inner circle small and make smart moves. Be respectful and friendly with everyone in small doses but you’re family and real friends are what count most, you can count them on less than two hands if you are lucky.

Other than you and your family, all the bull politics and agendas in the world doesn’t affect you or your family and is of no consequence or therefore of no benefit to you or your family, at all, ultimately. It’s pointless and simply a deficient use of and waste of time. Not optimal to anything productive or beneficial.

The older one gets the zero respect or acknowledgement even, of latest trends or of any politics at all, that they even exist, grows. Life is far more successful and better without politics, in reality. It’s quite amazing, actually. Politics isn’t real, after all. You, your family and the direct people in your life around you right now are.

In the sport of boxing, in recent times, some of the best boxers of the modern era have all been, for different reasons, deciding to comeback. Imitating one another perhaps.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones first. Tyson again soon. Oscar De La Hoya after that.

And now, Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez.

In fairness, these latest two are much closer in age to representation of reasonable engagement between what should resemble professional athletes in professional or amateur boxing.

Style-wise too — what a fight.

You’ve also got the whole friendly Mexico vs Puerto Rico rivalry.

Surely the most intense rivalry between any two countries, in any fighting sport, in the entire world.

This trend of former boxing stars coming back to the sport to renew interest in boxing — could be one way of looking at it.

This is nothing we buy, however.

Another way, a more realistic viewpoint, could be simply that these guys see how boxing is booming now and are are looking to cash in on boxing’s wild success in recent years.

The latter, maybe, a more sensible conclusion.

Is there anything really wrong with it, either?


Of course not. You can’t blame them. Good luck to them.

As long as the medical precautions are on point and the boxers train hard, it is surely only a good thing for the sport.

Cotto vs Marquez is apparently being looked at for the summer time.

A good fight.

The clash of styles would be excellent.

Two boxer-fighters with large fan bases in Latin America, internationally and in the USA.

Expect more fight stars of years gone by to come back in this growing trend in the sport of boxing.


Photos: Felix Tito Trinidad Nephew Goes 8-0 In Mexico

Photos: Felix Tito Trinidad Nephew Goes 8-0 In Mexico

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