Puerto Rican Rocks Women’s Boxing With Stunning Knockout

Puerto Rican Rocks Women's Boxing With Stunning Knockout

Women’s boxing continues to seemingly grow out of nowhere at the moment.

Men’s professional boxing obviously leading the way first but women’s boxing has gained momentum on an ad-hoc basis.

After nearly flat-lining on the operating theater prior to that, so to speak.

Puerto Rican world champion Amanda Serrano had a big win this week and has done her part to help grow women’s boxing with this:

Very good. We’ll keep an eye on the numbers.

Some of the platforms and large American based media companies in boxing once again very encouraging. Never write off the ole American tanks and army, they we’re there all along 🙂 Never went anywhere. Boxing is booming now. Time to roll for the sport of boxing.

Very good.

Solid proliferation of distribution and in the event of success occurring, which it will, as it always bloody does in everything, all these platforms and networks very welcome.

The more the merrier.

Indeed, Puerto Rican boxing legend Felix ‘Tito’ Trinidad took notice even of the above from Serrano:


Tito’s nephew Joey Borrero went 8-0 (7 KO) earlier also in Mexico.

At 140 lbs. Eight-round decision win.

We’ll be posting the exclusive footage first here later when he’s back in America.

Viva Puerto Rico. Epic. Look forward to heading there and Mexico too of course very soon. Viva Mexico also.

Those two fighting nations very special place in the ole heart, like America of course.

Congrats to Amanda Serrano on a great win.

Big respect.