Marvin Hagler was a man of integrity. A man of honor. It was a thing of respect with this fella.

One can see why he loved the great country of Italy later in life. In terms of how he fought, improved himself and kindly helped any and all people. Where he could. A gentleman and a class act.

A very good fighter indeed this Hagler.

An all-round fundamentally good, God fearing human being. Without doubt, kicking it and chilling in heaven as we speak.


Michael Spinks Reacts To The Passing Of Marvin Hagler

Michael Spinks Reacts To The Passing Of Marvin Hagler

A great story has emerged from a boxing gym owner in Philadelphia on Hagler.

On how he balanced everything with justice and appropriate etiquette and actions. When called for on rare occasions. Even though a kind, humble man, one not to be messed with.

As a small few justifiably experienced in their lifetimes.

When they crossed him or harmed him or his family in any single way at all.

Great story here on one of his old rivals:

This Marvin Hagler Story Says It All About The Man

Very nice. Boxing was his job and he did it well.

What a fight that ensued after with Mugabi.

Epic scrap here:

(Hat tip Top Rank Boxing YouTube)

Hagler was a fair man. Good balance and judge of character in terms of discernment.

Never to judge someone morally (no one can do that other than God), but just the situation. Read and see through the person, place or thing for optimal knowledge acquisition to protect both parties. What do they call it in law enforcement again. Ascertain motive and probable cause. Don’t know anything of course. Big difference between forgiving and not being prepared to stand by and watch any kind of injustice occur. No.

He never let people off the hook if shady things were still ongoing. Or if people breached terms of contracts, or, if even went against their word. The latter being far, far worse than the former. Certainly to someone like Hagler.


Blonde Boxing Stunner Gets Her Reward After Big Win

Blonde Boxing Stunner Gets Her Reward After Big Win

Some of these kids in different businesses and walks of life around the world never learn.

Look at the state of the world at the moment. They were warned. Now they will have to learn the hard way. Hopefully the world situation gets better at this difficult time for everyone. What’s next, a bloody alien invasion or something. Nah, fook that, what do we know, just kidding. We must keep looking after ourselves and being good to one another. All you can do is your best. Nobody can do anymore than that.

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Swift brutal justice called for only in self defense of one or their family in rare, rare, self defense occasions in life. Necessary to hand out appropriate punishment and or/but not limited to justice/discipline. Construed by a reasonable person under any law jurisdiction.

Otherwise, you are just standing by and watching injustice occur then. No good. Ask any competent judge in any world jurisdiction and they’ll confirm same.

Ultimately, God in control (most laws still based on the Bible today, the highest selling book in history of all book sales) of all this stuff. One suspects as time goes on, one would surely expect God’s wrath will come to completion. No lawyer, judge, prison or army to help. They will know the real meaning of the word fear and anger then. What those words really, actually mean. Much, much worse than anything the human mind can come close to ever conceiving or understanding.


People Are Not Happy With The Scoring In Early Fight Of 2021 Candidate

People Are Not Happy With The Scoring In Early Fight Of 2021 Candidate

People will be taken out of the equation within seconds when God, or mother nature to some (or whatever one’s beliefs are etc.), makes his move. He’ll have his own ideas and plans of course. He always does. A forgiving being who wants to redeem everyone but the ultimate and only true judge when all is said and done. Turn back now and be saved. The choice is down to each individual. Whatever they believe. There is a balance to everything.

Each to their own, though, of course, belief-wise. Outside of all opinion or beliefs, just some moron here at the end of the day. Important to love everyone as yourself (love thy neighbor as thy self) regardless of any nationality or differences and be kind and peaceful. Most important thing of all.

With this week being Saint Patrick’s Day week, one can’t help but sense Hagler had a little bit of the fighting Irish in him. Legendary warrior this Hagler guy.

Already very missed. It is like boxing lost a part of its heart and soul with Hagler’s passing. A man who never sold his soul, Hagler.

Rest in peace and take it handy up there in heaven, champ.

All in all, have a safe, peaceful and enjoyable week everyone for St. Paddy’s Day week.

Wherever you are around the world. All be it, limited, festivities due to the current world situation.

We’ll be looking at some notable Irish Americans in boxing history this week during St. Patrick’s Day week.

Back soon. Look after yourselves.


Ray Leonard Expresses Shock After The Sudden Death Of Marvin Hagler

Ray Leonard Expresses Shock After The Sudden Death Of Marvin Hagler