Blonde Bombshell Grabs Attention At Women’s Boxing Weigh-In

Ah yes, women’s boxing coming along nicely now.

It needs obviously the best female boxers to fight one another.

Certainly the below will also increase the profile of it.

A women’s boxing event in Australia appears to be getting a lot of attention due to one of the highly hot protagonists in particular’s participation.


Can Katie Taylor Become A Superstar in Women’s Boxing

Can Katie Taylor Become A Superstar In Women’s Boxing?

The fight seems to be taking place tomorrow after these scenes a short time ago at the weigh-in.

Getting a lot of attention and engagement at the moment:

Fair play Australian Ebaine Bridges, looking good 🙂

Best of luck to both ladies above boxing tomorrow night.

As for women’s boxing, some decent fights continue to get made at this time.

More need to be made though.

Certainly potential for it to become a little bigger as a sport.

Should various people choose or want to promote moving forward.

All about the quality fights getting made really.

Definitely has potential to grow overall in 2021.

For sure.


rap artist snoop dogg moves into the boxing world

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