The Tyson Fury vs Anthony Joshua Brains vs Brawn School Of Thought

is tyson fury vs anthony joshua battle of brains vs brawn

Look, we know boxing and all professional fighting is not a body building contest at the end of the day. It has nothing to do with bloody muscles, how big and strong you are, how hard you hit etc. All irrelevant.

It’s about fighting ability and fighting skill ultimately.

That’s obvious. A given. We know this.

That said, functional physical strength can come in useful in the appropriate scenarios. Certainly in boxing.

Anthony Joshua is for sure one of the sport’s current big punchers today. A super strong heavyweight champion. An excellent role model for the sport too.

Lineal champion Fury has been knocked down before in his career and this is something he will need to be mindful of if taking on Joshua next.

Also, having said that, Fury has shown his ability to already beat one of the sport’s biggest all-time punchers in Deontay Wilder. So it’s nothing new for him.

Equally, to be fair to Joshua, it is not fair for some to just say he has no boxing brain in comparison to Fury at all.

Fury himself needs to be not overconfident in this regard.

Let us not forget, Anthony Joshua is an Olympic Gold medalist at the end of the day and became heavyweight champion very early as a professional.

Look at the competition Joshua faced to do so, too.

His ability to learn his trade quickly has been astonishing and tells you all you need to know about how smart this fella is from the above alone. He also has one of the best boxing trainers in the world who will have studied Fury’s fights relentlessly.

Fury vs Joshua represents the biggest fight in boxing that can be made and by all accounts it seems like it is getting close now.

What a fight.

In many ways it represents the biggest showdown in all of sport around the world to be made this year.

A fight for all the heavyweight titles to crown one Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World.

What a united statement that would be for boxing. For all of sport no less. Particularly during a challenging time for the world.

The positives of the above implications for all of sport and for all of society are self-explanatory.

It would be much bigger than boxing and sport itself. It would transcend it.

Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the world used to really mean something.

It will once again.


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