Foreman Spot On About Ali vs Frazier Half A Century On

Following the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier 1 yesterday there has been an outpour of activity.

Not only the world of boxing has been reflecting on the night at Madison Square Garden.

Much of the professional sport world has.

Two men that stood for a lot. Not just in boxing either.

The fight itself, even fifty years on, is still up there as one of the best tussles in a prize fighting ring (according to many).

One who knew both fighters better than most having shared the ring with both was oldest heavyweight champion in history George Foreman.

Foreman said of the bout — looking back on it half a century on:

As well as it could be summed up perhaps.

Two guys young and unbeaten at the time.

Two men who would later become two of the great ambassadors for the sport of boxing.

Not just two of the greatest heavyweight champions — but perhaps two of the kindest gentlemen outside the ring in the sport’s history too.

Who — just happened to be champions inside of the ring as well.

Gone but never forgotten.

A timeless night that will forever live on in sweet science history.


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