Former heavyweight champions George Foreman and Joe Frazier will forever be enshrined as heroes in heavyweight boxing history.

Boxers who any generation of emerging fighters will be able to draw inspiration from for all-times.

Both fan-friendly big punching styles and never took a back step in the ring.

While Frazier was considerably smaller than Foreman his fearless fighting ability was equal.

Frazier, one of the biggest hook punch throwers in history.

Foreman surely one of the biggest all-round punchers of all time.

The two fought twice with Foreman winning both times inside the distance.

Seriously surprising many in the manner of which he did so in the first fight.

However, in the second fight there was a moment right before the fight were the two men exchanged some words.

Some believed this was insults or trash talk.

Foreman has now revealed it was not after all these years:

Indicative of the fighter he became later in life.

Frazier, also a gentleman outside the ring.

One of the few champions in boxing history to personally help one of his closest rivals in the form of Muhammad Ali no less when Ali was down on his luck after losing his license for a few years following not enlisting in the Vietnam war.

People often forget Ali was hated those years and was on his own for ages, constantly on his own all the time actually, as people supported that war at the time.

It wasn’t until years later that people realized what Ali was doing all along. Always trying to help people wherever he went, not over caring or under caring, being kind and loving humanity but caring just enough, while always working on himself to try to be a better man than he was yesterday.

He said himself one time, that he served his help to each and every single deserving person that he met and spread it over a life time.

All in all, the above speaks to the character of both Foreman and Frazier more than anything.

Two excellent role models for the sport of boxing.

Here is their second fight in its entirety:


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Watch: Usyk Spars Two Opponents At The Same Time

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