Lomachenko and Devin Haney War of Words Leads To Suggested Date

Vasyl Lomachenko and Devin Haney in recent days have engaged in an online battle of the verbal sort common place in modern day professional boxing.

Lomachenko isn’t much of an antagonist naturally, appearing more of an introvert but like many boxers similar to him, forced to be an extrovert due to the nature of of this crazy but unbeatable sport.

All fun and games here but it looks like an actual fight could be on the horizon now:

Well, the end of April or early May isn’t far away at all.

Usually these tirades between boxers don’t lead to suggested dates but a fight between these two would be pretty cool.

The older guard in Lomachenko against the young lion in Haney.

Big risk for Haney but credit to him for going after this standard of fight already.

This speaks to the type of quality match making taking place more so in the sport more frequently.

You wouldn’t have seen a top young name fighting a former pound for pound number one this early in his career a few years back.

No way.


One Of The Best Fights Made In Boxing So Far In 2021

One Of The Best Fights Made In Boxing So Far In 2021

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