Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about selling fights it’s fair to say.

With the boxing world in full flow this weekend for Canelo Alvarez’ fight in Florida Tyson took the opportunity to capitalize on the chatter.

In attendance himself at the fight too.

Someone from has team however dropped the following online which has got many fight fans talking:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

It has not been revealed yet but most sport fans appear to think it will be Evander Holyfield.

Formal date and opponent as well as venue expected soon.

Tyson last fought in one of these exhibition bouts late last year against Roy Jones Jr.

An event that proved hugely successful for both boxers in a time where little boxing was happening or anything available to talk about in the sport.

Not anymore though.

Boxing back up and running again the best way it knows for now in light of the ever changing world situation.


Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

Lennox Lewis Finally Agrees With Mike Tyson On Something

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