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Canelo Alvarez made short work of mandatory challenger Avni Yildirim tonight in Miami, Florida.

He flattened him quickly.

Took him out of the equation with little fuss. Wipe out.

Forcing the challenger’s corner to throw in the towel before the fourth round started.

What did we learn?

Not a lot.


joseph parker vs junior fa full fight

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Canelo is a massive talent though and is still the best pound for pound fighter (currently) in boxing.

If anything, one could say that at least this.

Alvarez kept busy and at least boxed ahead of some legit fights later in the year.

Here is what some of the boxing world has been saying about the contest:


Very well.

A means to an end tonight.

Terrible buzz on fight week.


jesus ramos

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Lack of hype about the fight coming into it.

Literally to the point they had to get Mike Tyson at the last minute to turn up at the fight.

Seemed to get some people’s attention.

Love Matchroom and all but this was a terrible promotion. Please don’t screw it up again next time.

Canelo moves on to a legit fight moving forward.

The sport continues to make due with the best available to it at the moment given the world situation.

Please consider that. Boxing is defying the world situation like no other sport however in light of these circumstances.

Crowds in boxing are only coming back at a slow limited capacity for now for the big fights.

The big fights are what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Expect some change on this sooner than you might think.


Watch: The Canelo Alvarez Punch That Ended Avni Yildirim

Watch: The Canelo Alvarez Punch That Ended Avni Yildirim

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