Tony Bellew Defines Boxing Perfectly In Five Words

Tony Bellew Defines Boxing Perfectly In Five Words

Former cruiserweight world champ Tony Bellew knows a thing or two about sacrifice, dedication, fighting for his dream and never giving up.

Many considered him just a loud mouth in the early part of his boxing career.

Some even saying he was a nut case.

Those that saw beyond that jealous crap though of his detractors knew there was substance there all along, and that eventually, he would become the world champion.

And he did.

Power, heart and an underestimated late found propensity towards improving his skill set, particularly later in his career, pivotal to his success.

Heck of a career to be fair.

Not only cruiserweight champion but he moved up to heavyweight afterwards.

Where he started out as an amateur no less.

Securing two big pay days as a pro for himself against former world champion David Haye.

In another two fights no one gave him a chance in.

So, when he says what boxing is, in terms of its difficulty, credibility is awash with this:

Professional fighting, eh.

The only game and profession surely that you can get legally killed in doing.

When you really boil it down it is brutal.

But the risk reward ratio for those that make it — a big one to consider and weigh up with the old weighing scales.

Always baffling how some taunt these brave warriors who step in there for the public’s entertainment.

Even to get in there in an amateur bout and throw a few digs with another man for a few rounds say for a charity fight, takes huge preparation in terms of the diet and everything in of itself.

Forget just courage, which it takes tenfold to get in the ring in the first place — the sheer sacrifice that goes into what boxers go through is daunting.

It’s incredible discipline needed to be fair. Extraordinary stuff.

Combine that with the current world situation at the moment and you really have to tip the ole hat to these competitors getting in there and giving it there all for the public.


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