Watch: The Moment Mauricio Lara Shocked The Boxing World

22-year-old Mexican featherweight Mauricio Lara showed why boxing is such a special sport in many ways over the weekend.

How it can conjure up upsets out of nowhere and change lives almost over night.

Going into his fight against the UK’s Josh Warrington, previously undefeated (in 30 fights) champion Warrington was heavily favored.

Lara had other plans however.

A 9th round stoppage shocking the boxing world.

Here’s how it happened in the full Lara vs Warrington fight video highlights:

(Hat tip DAZN YouTube)

Very enjoyable scrap.

Both trading heavy shots early doors, really loading up on the left hook — the pair of them.

Credit to both fighters and Lara on the huge upset.

Warrington can come back from that, he showed his heart in round 5 there in particular to fight back hard after being hurt.

Dug down deep like the badger and showed good grit, maybe he could have held on a bit more and got behind the jab on his bike a tad more on the back foot when he was hurt.

Great fight though. Kudos to both boxers.

One thing some of these bouts are showing at the moment lately is how ring rust is really effecting some of these world title level fighters.

It was always going to realistically.

Some of their sharpness is not quite there, understandably, just off that one per cent even from inactivity over the last year with the world situation.

All the lockdowns and training out of hotel rooms not easy.

Really a time for disciplined boxers in preparation for many of these bouts.

Tunnel vision and laser focus required.


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