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The sport of boxing is often portrayed in an adverse light out of the ring.

The old adage that the sweet science has taken more black eyes outside of the ring than it ever did inside it rings true often.

What you won’t see however is the countless lives boxing saves both directly and indirectly.

A sport not only important for working class societies but indeed for humanity as a whole.

The champions it produces both at grass roots and at the highest level of professional sports can act as superb role models for the younger generation.

Particularly at difficult times for the world like the present time.

Perhaps heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis with this post said it all recently in terms of the good things boxing represents:

Class act.

Champion inside and outside the ring.

Lewis’ mother was a constant presence in his training camps ahead of many of his big fights.

It’s not surprising to see such a big reaction to the above from the God fearing Lewis.

Testament to why boxing is a gentleman’s sport at the end of the day, the noble art.

For highlights of Lewis’ stellar career these are always worth a watch:

(Hat tip Reznick YouTube)


Sugar Ray Leonard Reacts To The Death Of Leon Spinks

Sugar Ray Leonard Reacts To The Death Of Leon Spinks

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