Big News On Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 3 Fight

mike tyson vs evander holyfield 3 fight

Ah yes Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 3.

Fact or fiction?

Upon balance it has now being confirmed as fact.

If you thought Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones was a bit of work last year this is certainly next level.

Not celebrity boxing or YouTube boxing but rather two legends of the ring once again doing battle.

The two former heavyweight champions of the world shared some memorable moments before.

Ear biting and the lot, it captured the world’s attention for controversial reasons many years ago.

These days both men far removed from their primes have confirmed that Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield 3 is signed.

Incredible stuff.

It is understood the deal is now done with both men training for a bout.

At a near future date to be determined.

As well as a future venue to be disclosed and revealed.

One would suspect it will land on a pay per view streaming platform of some description.

Similar to Jones vs Tyson last time out.

As part of Tyson’s ‘Legends’ tour at the moment this appears to be a multi-fight venture that Tyson is embarking on.

Both Tyson and Jones put on an admirable display for their age last year.

The event also encompassed music from Snoop Dogg and entertaining commentary on a great night of sport and entertainment.

Hence on the word ‘sport’.

The spirit of these voyages being a sporting one.

In that both fighters shook hands at the end after genuinely giving their all.

Even at their age.

Mike Tyson is now 54.


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Holyfield 58.

Tyson held a professional boxing record of 50-6-44 KO.

Compiled in a career that still sees him remain the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.

Holyfield held a professional boxing record of 44-10-2-29 KO.

A career that saw him move from undisputed crusierweight champion in the late 1980’s to become heavyweight champion in the 1990’s.

Something very few have ever done sucessfully in the sport’s history.

The pair have fought twice.

Holyfield winning by TKO the first time in 1996.

By disqualification the second time in 1997.

Both times at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Perhaps a tribology at the very same place would be appropriate.

For a stroll down memory lane here’s what happened in their first fight all those years ago:

Expect more news to follow soon on the finer details.


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