Behind the scenes boxing legend and matchmaker Bruce Trampler, of American sport promoter Top Rank, knows a thing or two about boxing it’s fair to say.

Responsible for putting together some of the great fights over the years in the entire sport.

Former heavyweight champion and born again Christian George Foreman was one of those fighters he worked with.

Speaking on Twitter on Foreman’s birthday he summed up the heavyweight hitter as the following:

Foreman reacted in typical humble, not proudful, fashion:

Happy birthday George Foreman.

An excellent representative of the sport, Christianity and a champion of God.

Perhaps his most famed fight in history was one in which he lost.

But one that will forever go down in the sweet science’s history:

Indeed, at this dark time for the world the two men above’s fighting spirit, humanity and humility still go a long way.

Two legends of sport.

As 2021 gets underway we hope to have more fight action to discuss soon.

As and when the fights get made.

Stay positive all fighters.

Patience is required.

Give it time.


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