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Why Putin Really Invaded Ukraine

2021 appears to be starting for boxing and indeed the world as it ended in 2020.

At least on the surface level.

In that, some unrest seems to still exist and could be perceived to be escalating.

That said, boxing and the world will be completely fine in the end. No doubt about it.

As for boxing, plenty to look forward to shortly.

One of the sport’s great heavyweight champions and ambassadors put it well on this whole thing in the world going on via Twitter:

Indeed. For real, for real.

Corrales. Some fighter in the day.

Quick update on this site.

Back on this site way more regularly now folks. Thanks for your continued support.

Finally got onto an upgraded American server. At last.

Finished some technical development work. Heck of a team. Kudos to all involved. Makes the site much easier to use.

Arrived in the East properly a week ago. Settled in well.

Grand fresh air. Plenty of access to outdoor exercise near the ocean.

Got to trim down a bit. All good. Back hitting the physical strength work again soon too. Stronger than ever.

Being keeping an eye on some of the crazy stuff affecting America and the world in recent days.

Don’t worry about anything. Nothing to fear at all. God and the son of God, my lord and savior, Jesus Christ, will look after everything.

He’ll be coming for his people sooner than some might think one suspects. All the signs are there.

Saw some anti-God stuff apparently emanating from Ireland in recent days on the country’s national broadcaster. No good, would not have went down very well around the world no doubt.

Thought they’d apologize and take appropriate action to avoid some serious consequences, and they did. Wise. For their sake.

At any rate never fear nothing. God is control of all this stuff in the end per the Book of Revelations at the end of the New Testament.

Stay humble and be positive.

Pride comes before the fall. Put on the full armor of God, God’s army shall not be defeated. Good will overcome evil at the end. After all, we are commanded by God to love everyone. Being friendly and respectful with all people and being friends with someone are two completely different things, don’t forget.

No rush. No problem. Let him do his magic. Keep it real.

Ignore all the bull, division, deception, diversion, play on words and the like in some parts of the world currently. Romans 12:2 some decent insight at the moment.

Keeping it real. Once saved it really is a powerful thing. All about doing good works from then on.

All in all, continue to do the right thing folks and look after yourselves. Wherever in the world you are.

Adverse time for humanity but Lennox Lewis is spot on above. He really is.

Keep the faith.

Some great fights in boxing to be made this year.

Hopefully the heavyweight division can put together something interesting soon too.

In terms of the really big fights fans want to see, fight fans just have to be patient.

Lighter weight divisions really doing well though at the moment for the mean time.

Lightweight division in particular on fire now.

Some of these young warriors in the sport breaking through are a credit to themselves.

Moreover, a credit to the entire sport no less.


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Teddy Atlas Points Out Crucial Mistake Campbell Made Against Garcia

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