Manager Reveals How Tyson Gave Mayweather His Big Break Early On

Manager Reveals How Tyson Gave Mayweather His Big Break Early On

Everyone needs a break in life as they say.

Even the biggest name in the entire sport of boxing did one time.

Floyd Mayweather without doubt proved himself as the best boxer of his particular era.

Undefeated and fought the best retiring on 50-0.

Moreover, he proved himself to be the best businessman of any boxer in history thus far.

Making far more money from his career than any fighter before.

Remarkably mostly without sponsorship and endorsements too — until the very end of his career.

His advisor Al Haymon and his team he surrounded himself with a huge key in his success.

But early doors though as a pro, and, even as a young champion, it wasn’t easy for him.

People forget the years of work he put in.

Its always the case really. People are not prepared to put in nearly a decade of work or more into anything to reap the big reward at the end.

Everyone just wants quick money. That’s just not how life works.

Alas, most people don’t understand how the world really works.

Life is a bucket what you put into the bucket you get back out of it.

In this life or the after life.

Speaking on the superb, now Texas-based podcast ran by Joe Rogan, one I remember watching in the early days when he did this podcast on his couch in his living room in California, great to see his success now, an unexpected guest shared an early Mayweather story.

James Prince, a respected man from the music world once managed Floyd early on.

Prior to Top Rank promoting Floyd of which he bought himself out of to go on to become his own boss and along with Al Haymon become the most successful boxer in history monetarily.

But before all that, Floyd had another manager in his career early on than Prince even too.

But out of respect I’m not at liberty to say, nor have I, or would I, ever betray the many confidences put in me over the years by men and women alike around the world, businesses, governments or otherwise.

That’s the way it goes.

On the big break that Floyd got early on as a professional fighter with Prince he went into detail here:

(Hat tip JRE Podcast YouTube)

Pretty cool.

As you can see, if not for Prince being so interested in Mike Tyson and there on the day at the gym in Vegas for Floyd to pitch to him — he would have never got that break.

It’s funny how life goes.

Sometimes as one door closes another one opens.

Or sometimes the same one opens again at a different time.

Swings and roundabouts in this temporal vortex we call Earth.

All part of God’s plan.

Great story above from Prince to be fair.

Very enjoyable podcast too.


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