After a dominant display again tonight by boxing’s pound for pound number one Canelo Alvarez — the fight world has come alive.

An excellent display of boxing skills against spirited UK opponent Callum Smith.

It is said that a good big man beats a good little man but that’s not always the case.

In boxing terms in recent memory people like Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and even in one fight in Germany, the UK’s David Haye comes to mind.

Going back further David beat Goliath one time, after all.

Respected commentator and boxing pundit put things well tonight:

On who should be next up he also put together a pretty solid list:

I’d also add Billy Joe Saunders to that list, mind.

On summing up Canelo’s fight style after tonight and where he is at in his career Kellerman offered a quality take I thought:

James Toney was renowned for not living the life of a fighter between bouts.

Canelo has shown his improvement once again tonight that the affermentioned sentiment is negligble to him.

What a fighter.

Boxing really has a huge star on its hands here.

One would hope he is marketed in the correct way and continues to grow.

When it comes to boxing in America he is by far the biggest star.

Indeed, he has shown tonight why is the biggest draw in the entire sport.

For legitimate boxing merits.

If boxing can pit him in interesting match ups against the best there is no need for the crazy celebrity boxing gimmicks frequently.

Canelo said himself that too much of that disrespects the sport.

He’s right.

More competitive matches between boxing’s best is what is desperately needed for the sport at this time.


Canelo Shows Sublime Move On Smith That Gets People Talking

Watch: Canelo Shows Sublime Move On Smith That Gets People Talking

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