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Boxing’s biggest star Canelo Alvarez continues to find himself on the sidelines due to an ongoing legal situation.

It is unknown at this time when said scenario will be complete.

Just briefly, looking at some of the early moves, it did strike me as odd regarding the jurisdiction mishap in the case.

Almost a purposeful and deliberate move in its obviousness in a way.

At any rate, the bottom line is Canelo is finding himself not fighting as a result at the moment.

Which is not good for him or boxing.

That said, he’s been keeping himself busy with evidence herein via this astonishing bit of footage sparring a heavyweight:

(Hat tip Fight Hub YouTube)

No one can ever question Canelo’s heart or bravery at the end of the day.

As time goes on it isn’t looking likely that he’ll box in 2020 as we’re nearly in November at the time of this article.

Still, lots to look forward to before the end of the year.

Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz this weekend will have a crowd, socially distanced in Texas with 10,000 people expected.

If that goes well perhaps more events like this can be done in the weeks and months ahead.


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